Al Fassad / The Corruption, 2011
Photo book

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For the photographic work «Al Fassad / The Corruption» I photographed facades of buildings under construction in Cairo, as well as the “new palaces” surrounding them, in the newly built fancy periphery zones. I confronted the images of these buildings to photographs of movie sets taken at the “Media City Production”, an important film studio that produces movies and television series, mostly Egyptian soap operas. The photographed facades are shot from a frontal point of view to accentuate their flattening into a surface. Sometimes a second shot follows from a slightly displaced angle, and thus reveals their emptiness. In Arabic „Al fassad“ means „Corruption“. I made this work during the Egyptian uprisings in 2011, the moment when the whole political stage fell down. This work reflects my interest in the decorative covering of things as well as my interest in both concepts of perception and deception, which are being reflected medially: by making visible on the image that the pyramid is an enactment,I try to refer at the same time to the medial quality of the photography as an illusive medium. Moreover, the ornament as adorning and decorative element as well as its forms of composition and ability to structure is of particular interest to me. Without limiting myself to a documentary perspective, I add pieces of printed textile transformed into patterns, kleenex boxes which look like sculptures or plastic moldings, to the architectural shots. This photographic work not only tackles questions of ornaments, facadesand decoration but is an observation on how contemporary Egyptian society represents itself. This work won the Swiss Design Award in the category of Photography in 2012.