When Will You Make Us Happy?
Fabrikzeitung n°309, June 2015, Zürich, Switzerland

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"When Will You Make Us Happy?" is a text-based project in collaboration with Swiss artist Sahar Suliman. It is based on interviews that tackle the issue of the Egyptian family and of the relationships between members of a family. The idea is to collect accounts from people about their experience as family members in order to bring them together to create 6 fictionalized characters (a mother, a father, a daughter, a son, an aunt and an uncle). The goal is to write an experimental theater piece, where these different figures would gather into a fictive discussion. People from different generations, gender, social classes and religions have been interviewed in order to mix the stories and see to what extend a discussion can come out of this experience. Through this project we want to experiment a comparison: what are the parallels in Egypt between the structure of the family and the one of the State? With a background question: Is a revolution on the street possible without a revolution in the family?.

Fabrikzeitung has published an excerpt of the on-going book project.

To read it: Fabrikzeitung "When Will You Make Us Happy?"