Ideal Standard, 2015
100 x 120 cm
With Gregor Huber
Exhibition view: Centre d'Art Contemporain Geneva, Switzerland
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In Arabic the word «fassad» means corruption. This phonetic analogy visualizes the intrinsic relationship between the act of corruption and its various forms of manifestation. Corruption is in its essence something that is hidden and that takes place behind the scene, mostly in informal settings. However, corruption is indirectly expressed through archi-tecture, design or fictional narratives. In this poster series, built environment, objects of domestic design, structures and surfaces which cover them are highlighted. Hiding a content or a structure or in reverse revealing it, making it visible and transparent, is not only a question of aesthetics and illusion. In fact, every political ideology manifests itself visually or physically.

1- Burj al-Murr is an empty tower in the center of Beirut, on the line that used to separate Beirut East from Beirut West during 1975 civil war. The tower played a strategic role during the battles, becoming a prison and a perfect position for snipers. It now stands in Beirut's Centre-Ville, a neighborhood belonging to Solidere, the private company founded by ex- prime minister Rafik Hariri. The tower, erected as a concrete phantom became a symbol in the middle of this urban landscape, where destroyed or unfinished buildings are juxtaposed to modern high rises. This reveals to what extend Solidere benefits from special power resulting from its public-private policy

2- Car in a private parking in Achrafyieh, a Christian neighborhood of Beirut, where many luxury housing complexes have been built over the ten past years

3- Object of domestic design

4- Ideal Standard is a bathroom brand

5- Cut in a tree to let electric cables pass through. Johannesburg, residential area. In South Africa, electricity cuts are provoked on a daily basis to avoid dysfunction in the distribution system on the national level

6- Object of domestic design

7- Façade of a blind building in the Sihltal valley near Zurich

8- Oscar Niemeyer's Fairground in Tripoli, Lebanon. Because of 1975 Civil War, the site has never been finished. The architect was given carte blanche to use the immense space as a playground for a demonstration of modernist architecture

9- Object of domestic design

10- Cléôpatra Ceramic is an Egyptian brand that produces bathroom elements. Washbasins, toilets and bathtubs are stocked in the immense factory located in the middle of the desert, near Cairo

11- iPhone case by Marc Jacobs

12- Marble stairs on Princes Island, Turkey